How Much Does Webcasting Cost?

webcastingWebcasting is an enticing new tool for businesses that are trying to get the word out about their products, organize internal meetings between remote departments, or replace or augment offline events with interactive virtual seminars. When you are trying to decide whether or not to use webcasting for your business, obviously one of your primary concerns is going to be cost. How much can you expect to pay for webcasting services over time, and how is the cost calculated?

There are a number of companies out there that offer webcasting solutions: INXPO, Onstream, Sonic Foundry, and more. Different companies may use different models to determine the prices they charge businesses. The costs can also vary based on the type of event you are running and how many people will be attending the event. A webcast for 20 participants isn’t going to run you a cost as high as one which is going to reach out to 2,000 people. A short webcast that runs for an hour won’t cost as much as a webcast event that takes the better part of a day, or one that runs across several different days.

Some companies will charge you for webcasting services based on the minutes you use or the number of seats you fill. Others will allow you to purchase subscription services which give you access to a specific number of minutes or seats per month, and other subscriptions provide you with unlimited use.

Think about the amount of money broadcasting on television costs, and you should immediately start seeing the tremendous power that webcasting puts into your hands at a reasonable cost. Smaller businesses can save money by webcasting as well; it’s just a question of choosing a plan that fits your needs, and planning your presentations so that they fit within your budgeting limits.

Also take under consideration how much money webcasting can save you and others who work with you. If your main purpose for using webcasting is to conduct interactive presentations that you will be sharing with remote members of your company, business partners, and affiliates, then it makes sense to use webcasting to cut costs. You don’t have to travel when you use webcasting, and neither does anyone else in your company. You also can save business partners travel expenses, which can build gratitude.

If webcasting sounds like something which could benefit your business, your next step is to get in touch with a sales agent at a company to discuss your webcasting needs and get a better cost estimate. If you do a lot of webcasting and have varying needs each month, an unlimited plan may be best. If you have a smaller budget and only need to do occasional presentations or presentations to small teams, it probably would make more sense to use a cost per minutes or cost per seats model, or a limited monthly subscription. A sales agent can help you figure out the best cost model to fit your budget.